PV Productions Inc.

PV Productions Inc. is a sound company based out of Charles City Ia. We provide sound for many area acts that demand high quality sound with the maximum coverage. Our main system is centered around a 12 box horn loaded BFD line array cabinet with a line of 8 hornloaded  earth shaking subs. We would really like to make your next show the best it can be and something your audience will remember. Our system will cover 3,000 outdoors! Check below for full equipment list and contact us for a quote. You can also phone us at 641-228-4672. Thanks!


32 ch. Crest Century GT

150ft  24x4 w/12 ch. splitter snake

150ft 16x4 w/12 ch. splitter snake

4 Yamaha 15" 2way wedges

4 misc. floor wedges

6 QSC 1450 RMX amps

2 QSC 2450 RMX amps

2 Soneitc 1500 amps

SM58 & SM57 shure mics

Electrovoice PL76 cond. mics

AKG D112 kick mic

AKG  C430 conds. overhead mics

DBX Driverack

8 compressors

8 S-Gates

Varies EQ's

Sampson 7 kit mic

Allen Heath 16:2 wizard up to 6 on stage monitor mixes.


1604 Mackie mixer

4 SA1530 active Mackie speakers

MX 9000 behringer 24 ch. mixer

16 ch. snake

4 BFD Snail II horn loaded subs

AC23 Raine x-over

4  2" selenium comp. drivers

10 ch behringer power mixer

Misc. microphones

Par 56 light cans, dimmers and controller

PV Production Inc.

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